Thank you to the foundations, corporations and individuals who have supported Ripe Time through grants, donations, and in-kind gifts!


$15,000 -$25,000

The National Endowment for the Arts, The Rockefeller Multi-Arts Production Fund, The JCC of Manhattan, Nancy Cunningham, Daniel and Joanna S. Rose, The Greenwall Foundation


Anonymous (2), Eric Wright, The Edith Lutyens and Norman Bel Geddes Foundation


Anonymous (2), Department of Cultural Affairs, Meet the Composer Commissioning Music/USA, The Emanuel and Jette Metzger Memorial Philanthropic Fund, New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, The Jerome Robbins Foundation, Morris and Lore Dickstein, Joseph Triebwasser and Thomas L. James


The Axe-Houghton Foundation, The JP Morgan Chase Fund for Small Theatres, Kathleen Chalfant


Lord, Abbett and Co., Riskmetrics Group, Alan Belzer, Constance and Henry Christensen, Julie Rottenberg and Ben Rubin, Joseph Michael Thomas II


Edith C Blum Foundation, Patricia Bosworth, Joel and Trudy Cunningham, David Diamond and Karen Zukowski, The Dramatists Guild Fund, Robert and Eden Force Eskin, Dr.ʼs Samuel and Doris Feinberg, G
lenna and Michael Murphy, Estelle Parsons, The Puffin Foundation


Raymond Sheen & Bernadette Chi, Jill and Jeremy Dickstein, Daniel Franklin, Steve Hamlin, Linda Healey, Paula McGonagle, Anne Newman and Joe Bacal, Helen and David Samuels, Julie Sandorf and Michael Weinberg


Bruce Allardice, Anonymous, Ralph Alswang and Linda Kulman, Leanne Averbach, Jane Stanicki, Jessica Bauman, Susan Bernfield and Claude Millman, Peter D. Bubriski, Maggie Buchwald, Chris Creatura, MD, Dr. and Mrs. Bert Cunningham, Joel and Trudy Cunningham, Margaret Donohoe, William Drentell, Eric Fisher and Rachel Mesch, C.T. Buffet and Audrey Freudenberg, Virginia Gleldman,, Judith and Fran Greenberg, Julia B. Hall, Camilla Haase, Richard Hersh, David Herskovits, Jeffrey Howard, Kaori Kitao,
Dr. Samuel and Francine Klagsburn, Stewart Krug, MD Faith Lancereau, Keyvan Lajevardi, Jill Lesser and Jonathon Diesenhaus, William Lipscomb, Richard Locke, Sheila Lopez, Neal Luke, Ann McLaughlin, Barbara Middleton, Robert Montero , Brian Murphy, The New York Times Company Foundation, Wendy Webber Nicholson, Christina M. Pae, Vincent Passarelli, Erica and Hector Prudʼhomme, Barbara Rockow, Anne Roiphe, Judy and Michael Rosenthal, Susan and Fred Sanders, Wendy Sclight and Gerry Monroe, Jane Silver, Jill Slater, Laura Slatkin, Deborah Sofer, Nancy Stearns, Henry Stram, Michael J. Tarpley, Susan Yankowitz, Louise Yelin.


Aonymous (2), Howard Baker and Cynthia Berman,
Mary Louise Boomsma, Deb Booth, Rachel and Shale Brownstein, Lenora Champagne, John Daggett and Catherine Filloux, Rachel Donner, Margot Ebling, Howard and Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Robert P. and Patricia S. Follert, Marianne and Lawrence Goodman, Suzanne Graver, Chris Harris, Penny and Ron Wilbur Harris, Karen Hildebrand, Gerald Homan, Jeffrey Howard, Ellen Isler, William James, Sonja Johanssen and Robert H. Webb, Melissa Kievman, Kaori Kitao, Shirley Friedman Krug, Frances Kumin, Patricia Laurence, Herb Leibowitz, Grace Leight, Anna D. Levak, Barbara P. Lesser, Seymour Lesser, Katt Lissard, Elizabeth Margid, Noah Millman, Raymond Moore, Emily Morse, Heidi Nelson, Antje Oegel, Bernie Orenstein, Ethel Person and Stanley Diamond, Donald and Sandy Petrey, Jennifer Smith Rockwood, Brynn Edyn Rosen, Raven and Marv Rudnitsky, Roy and Sherry Satine, Joan Schirle, Audrey Y. Slater, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Stein, Maria Striar, Jane Taylor, Nomi Tichman, Marsha Wagner and Rich McCoy, Judith Weller, Perrin Wicks, Ellen Wilbur, Sylvia Wilbur.