by Sophie Treadwell

Tells the story, based on actual events, of a young woman who resorts to murder when caught between the hell of an empty marriage and her own desire for freedom and love. Written in 1928, this expressionist masterpiece was a radical experiment for its time, with a bold critique of gender prejudice in American society and an adventurous experiment with structure and form.

Directed by Rachel Dickstein                                           
Assistant Director Sebastian Pray                                   
Set Design by Suzuka Watanabe                                     
Lighting Design by Stephen Weeks                                 
Sound Design by Stowe Nelson                                       
Costume Design by Jana Violante                                    Dramaturgy by Brett Solomon                            


With Lauren Busteed, Alexander Crowell, Matt Decostanza, Colin Ferguson, Amine Kassouie, Caitlyn Kenyon, Libby Larkin, Kelsey Lurie, Brenden Paternostro, Brett Solomon, Sam Stein, Alia Tejeda, Gabriel Vasquez

Purchase College Conservatory of Theatre Arts   October 23- 25, 2014.

Photography by Zoe Markwalter and Rachel Dickstein.