SLEEP  (in development)

After a sold out work in progress at Japan Society in February 2016 we are developing the show for 2017 premiere. Stay tuned for exciting news on Fall 2017 NYC dates!

SLEEP is an immersive theatre work based on the short story by internationally acclaimed author Haruki Murakami. We follow a young Japanese housewife whose insomnia offers a window into an alternatively nightmarish and beautiful sleep-deprived world. There, the constrictions of her prescribed role melt away, releasing a new self who takes risks, indulges in what is forbidden, devours Tolstoy and chocolate, and embraces what is unpredictable and dangerous. This seeming "escape" however, leads her to a world of lawlessness and danger that she never expected. Sleep examines how we push against the constraints of everyday life, transgress and rebel, and free fall through broken boundaries set up by society around us. 

Writer Naomi Iizuka and director/deviser Rachel Dickstein have been commissioned by Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles to create Sleep. 

Sleep was developed with PlayCo at the Japan Society and at the Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep.

Directed and Devised by Rachel Dickstein
Adapted by Naomi Iizuka
Original Score Composed by New Born Trio (Katie Down, Miguel Frasconi, Jeffrey Lependorf)
Set Design by Susan Zeeman Rogers and Mimi Lien
Projections Design by Hannah Wasileski
Lighting Design by Jiyoun Chang
Sound Design by Jane Shaw

Costume Design by Ilona Somogyi

Ensemble: Akiko Aizawa, Brad Culver, Takemi Kitamura, Paula McGonagle, Jiehae Park, and Saori Tsukada.

Video excerpt shot by Casey Stein, 2016

Work in progress at Japan Society
(photos: Julieta Cervantes)